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Additional DC uplinks: AMS-IX and CenturyLink

As recently reported, we continuously expand our data centers in order to meet the increasing demand for hosting solutions. In order to ensure that you are still perfectly connected to the internet in spite of the many new servers we build every day, we have enhanced our data center connectivity with two additional 10 Gbit/s [...]

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6 Key Advantages of SSD Hosting

Among a number of different web hosting types, one particular web hosting SSD hosting is becoming popular nowadays. In fact people are more inclined to SSD hosting rather than HDD hosting. There are a good number of reasons behind that as the SSD comes with key benefits as compared to HDD. Now, the obvious question: [...]

By | 2018-06-10T10:25:52+03:00 December 15th, 2017|Hosting, Technology|0 Comments

File restoration in cPanel & WHM Version 68

Brand new in version 68: Restore files from any account backup on your server, with the brand new Backup Restore Interface. Version 68 was released this week, and I want to talk to you about one of the most exciting new features: As both an end-user and as a server administrator you can now restore individual [...]

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Data center uplinks: Now 100 Gbit/s available!

We have great news for you, once again. We have enhanced our data center connectivity with two additional high-quality uplinks. The two carriers Level 3 and Telia have been connected with additional 2 x 10 Gbit/s to our backbone. With regard to the internet connection of our data centers, we don't accept any compromises at [...]

By | 2018-06-10T08:29:53+03:00 May 10th, 2017|News, Technology|0 Comments

Verisign ccTLD and New gTLD Scheduled Registry Maintenance

A maintenance will be carried out for the Verisign ccTLDs and New gTLDs as per the schedule mentioned below:   Maintenance Details:   Date Thursday, September 22, 2016 (UTC) Friday, September 23, 2016 (IST) Start Time 22:00 hrs UTC 03:30 hrs IST End Time 00:00 hrs UTC 05:30 hrs IST Duration 2 Hours TLDs Affected [...]

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Upcoming changes to the Domain Transfer Policy mandated by ICANN

ICANN has mandated certain updates to the 'Domain Transfer Policy' for enhanced verification when either the Registrant or the Registrar change occurs. This will be effective from 1st of December, 2016. How does this impact you? Due to this change, we will be making certain updates on our system with regards to OrderBox and domain [...]

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Intermittent Issue with Manage DNS

We are currently facing issues with the "Manage DNS" services due to which you may not be able to access the Manage DNS section to add / remove / modify DNS records.   Our system administrators is working on this on high priority and the issue should be resolved at the earliest. Please refer this [...]

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CentralNIC Registry Maintenance Notice

A maintenance will be carried out by the CentralNIC Registry as per the schedule mentioned below:   Maintenance Details :   Date Start Time Duration 23rd June, 2016 17:30 UTC | 23:00 IST 5 Hours   During the maintenance you will not be able to register, renew, transfer, manage or perform Whois look-ups for the [...]

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.EU Celebrates its 10th Birthday!

Take advantage of the 10th birthday celebration of .EU domain names! valid till 31st May, 2016, .EU is the only extension that applies the “Made in Europe” concept online. Why Choose .EU? Tap into newer markets in the European Union To identify the European audience To create a strong European presence for companies .EU ccTLD [...]

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