The new gTLDs have marked a new era in the online world and opened up options previously unheard of! You can now register your domain name with a TLD that perfectly explains your brand. For example, a .DOCTOR, a .PRESS or a .TECH.

But what if your brand is generic or you don’t want to brand your company with a single TLD? That’s where .XYZ steps in!

What is .XYZ?

.XYZ is the most popular new extension with nearly 500,000 registrations in the first three months of availability and nearly a million up to date! It’s an extension that doesn’t limit your brand to a product, a service or a country.

Who is it for?

It’s for everyone, everywhere. For small businesses and large businesses and individuals alike.

Why should I pick .XYZ?

For well over two decades, the .COM has ruled the roost so why should you pick .XYZ? Try looking up a domain name you want with a .COM. In all probability, it’s already been taken. A .XYZ is a fresh, affordable, diverse, global new alternative. Your brand can reach international markets by registering .XYZ in over 200 languages! Its short, memorable and easy-to-connect-with features makes it deal for your brand. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about losing traffic if people type in .COM. .XYZ redirects to automatically and is the only domain extension that can do this!

Does a .XYZ domain hinder my SEO performance?

No. A .XYZ domain name is on par with any other domain including a .COM.

Is it affordable?

Artyvision is offering .XYZ at a discounted price of just €1.79 till the end of September! It’s a great opportunity to buy .XYZ now! Click here to check out our domain promotions.

Do other brands use .XYZ?

Absolutely. With a number as huge as 500,000 registrations in the first three months & nearly a million today, .XYZ is going great guns without any sign of slowdown as each month goes by. The extension is hugely popular and more and more brands are opting for this TLD. If you wish to move your existing brand, you can upgrade easily. If you’re already on the .XYZ bandwagon, renew it for another term today!

Get your brand registered at .XYZ. If you’ve already got a .XYZ, don’t forget to renew it! The English alphabet ends with it. So should your brand.