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Plug your Company in Artyvision! You outsource all of your IT support to us. We handle all of your issues, large and small, and your users contact our Helpdesk directly in the event of any problem. We take full responsibility for all of your your hardware and software, ensuring everything runs smoothly for you.


included monthly premium support
same day resolution rate
Assess, prioritize and navigate. Create a vision of where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.
Engage in activities that work for your organization. Be on the leading edge as opportunities arise. Avoid wasted resources.
Pre-launch training and always-on support ensures you hit the ground running.
24/7 proactive monitoring at the application level ensures there is a set of eyes on your applications and services.
As your business grows and changes, so too will the needs of your web site. Our maintenance services are comprehensive, affordable, and have fast project turnaround times. Why not leave your website tasks to us so you can better focus on the needs of your business?
Routine and Housekeeping tasks such as performing backups and test them, deleting temporary files, scanning disks, downing and restarting services periodically. Resolution of pre-existing faults.
Combined with the need to transfer website files, restore important databases, email accounts and get every software installations and subdomain configurations in working order. The final step of the process is to transfer the domain name and make changes to the DNS records to show files and data on the new server than the one in current use.
Covers the day-to-day support that keeps your systems running smoothly, including all the regular monitoring, maintenance, remote support, software installation, and help you need.
When you need changes made, you want flexibility to spend a little more, but when things are quiet, a little less. All our subscriptions include a flexible portion which can be used when needed or not at all. We will work out a suitable flexible budget with you at the start of the subscription to make sure you get what you need.
We have strong relationships with key IT suppliers and can recommend, supply and install the right solution to meet your needs.
Providing adequate protection for systems (protecting websites with Malware Detector, installing and using Antivirus Software updated weekly, using a firewall). Client must not make changes to systems without prior consent of support company.
We have extensive experience in designing and implementing infrastructure projects. We can provide fixed price quotations for everything from small upgrades to large system migrations.
High-performance hardware backed by an expert team to set up, manage and monitor your servers on your behalf. Benefit from our Years of Experience in Managing Servers. Our Server specialists do it all.
Uptime monitoring on request, Advanced protocol monitoring (HTTPS, FTP etc.), Critical resources monitoring (RAM, CPU)
Repair of supported software issues, Updates of supported software and apps, Log file analysis, MySQL optimization on request.
You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Get the right information, to the right people, at the right time. Appointing a designated contact and deputy within the organisation (e.g. IT Manager, IT coordinator or someone else with main responsibility for IT in the organisation).

Teams Are Global and Workplaces Virtual


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